Monday, January 28, 2008

The Confessional | Isabelle Racicot

Isabelle Racicot, Montréal. | For almost a decade, Isabelle was an Entertainment Reporter for Flash, Québec’s version of Access Hollywood. She interviewed everyone from Denzel Washington to Vanessa Paradis. These days, Isabelle co-hosts the popular noon hour show on Radio-Énergie (94.3FM) and is also at the helm of “Des idées de grandeur” a home-renovation TV show on Canal Vie. Smart, Sexy, Sassy and proof that yes, women can have it all.

You are a modern-day Wonder Woman. Two high-profiled jobs, two young kids, a husband, a house you feel you always have to renovate and a social circle you maintain quite well. How do you have time for this questionnaire?
I don't really have time for this questionnaire but the person asking me is very powerful in this industry so if I want to keep on working, I better do what she says! Oh, and I also had 10 minutes before bedtime to relax...

Barbara Walters’ signature move in interviews is her walk through some well-landscaped garden, arm in arm with her subject. What’s yours?

I actually stole the walk from her! In a lot of my TV interviews at Flash, I use to walk with the artist... but with my handbag on my shoulder!!! For the new TV gig "Des Idées de grandeur" I always wave when I'm closing the show. As if I can’t say goodbye without the wave!!!!

Maria Shriver quit NBC News & journalism all-together last year in reaction to how the media handled Anna-Nicole’s death. Your thoughts?
It's a bold and interesting statement but it also comes from a woman who doesn't need to work. Obviously, it didn't have much impact! I do think that the celebrity coverage has gone too far and is, at times, very grotesque. I am very proud and happy at the way we cover and treat celebrities in Quebec.

As you know, all Blacks look alike. Oddly enough, I’ve never been mistaken for Halle Berry…have you? Actually, I was just told that I looked like her in a recent picture in People's Magazine... Mind you, she was 8 months pregnant, had hardly any make up and was dressed down!!!! I still take it as a HUGE compliment.

Gayle King is all over Oprah’s TV & radio shows and is now Editor-at-large for O Magazine. Do you feel pressured to get me a job in Entertainment?

YES!!! As soon as I make it big, I know I better have something to offer you. At the same time, I need your brains and your ideas to get ahead! I know we will make a great team!

If there were words of wisdom you could pass along to a 21-year old version of yourself, what would they be? Trust your instincts.

What has pleasantly surprised you in the past two weeks?
That my husband still surprises me!

What has to stop? Biting my nails, the war in Iraq!....and this questionnaire. I want to go to sleep!

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Are you sure you're in the right place?

You are in front of 90 000 screaming & adoring fans at Wembley Stadium. What song are you belting out? A Madonna song.

On a deserted island, what do you bring besides your Blackberry, your I-Pod and your Amex?
I'm taking my husband, my kids, my blow-dryer, wine....and La Pizzaiolle!

What entity or person is in most need of a new PR campaign?
Oh please, the easiest question so far....Britney!

When will I see you next?
Everyday between 11:30am and 1pm on

Burning up the small screen:


Anonymous said...

You two should take your show on the road. People would possibly pay good money to see it.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved props. Great model of inspiration for everyone.

Anonymous said...

i love the comment about how all blacks look alike.... may i also say that to me all whites look alike too?