Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year.

Year ends bring on a ton of emotions and tasks. Regret, surprise, stupefaction, and lists. Top Ten this, top ten that. Who in the world is accredited to decide what and who’s cool? What looks good and who should wear it? Still, I have a list of my own. A wish list, if you will.

People I hope to hear much less of:

Jamie Lynn Spears (because teenage pregnancy is nothing to glorify)
Rachael Ray (because she’s simply annoying and frankly, her food doesn’t even look good on TV)
Sherri Shepard (because she’s also simply annoying and her input on current affairs is about as insightful as Mr. Magoo’s take on colour charts)
Elizabeth Hasselbeck (because … geez. Where do I begin?)
Brad & Angelina (because enough already)
Beyoncé (because we get it. Stop shoving it down our throats)
Dr. Phil, Dr. Keith, Dr. Ian, Dr. Oz & Dr. Gupta (because I’m quite certain the Hippocratic Oath says absolutely nothing about hawking the small screen and pushing books)
George W. Bush basing (he’s leaving, he’s leaving. Leave your bashing for the next clueless ultra conservative self-serving elected Leader).

I hope TV producers will put the following on a black list (Until they apologize, get a lobotomy, find a cure for cancer, solve third-world debt or get me George Clooney's phone number):
Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears
Kim Kardashian
Mel Gibson
Michael Richards
Larry Birkhead
Howard K. Stern
Dog The Bounty Killer

Wishful Thinking:
I hope infotainment dies. You report News or you report gossip and entertainment. Not both. CNN needs to refocus, review its original mission statement and apply it. The network needs to get back to journalism. They have the mission to bring us news and to explain it to us in an unpartisan un-dumped-down way. There is no room for casual, no room for cool. If I want that, I'll go to the local pub.

Things I’m looking forward to, in the New Year:

A New World Order
Jay-Z & Rick Rubin taking over Sony’s Urban labels.
New albums from Lenny Kravitz, Q-Tip and Madonna (as well as her 50th birthday).

Lastly, I’d like to thank you Pop Cultured Reader. Your comments – whether you approved my views or as often, you don’t – have always been appreciated and have helped me in, I hope, making this Blog better. Allow me to wish you Health & Love for this New Year.

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