Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pets Before Vets?

There have always been inequalities and it’s a safe bet to say there always will be. Inequalities in opportunities, in wealth distribution, in looks, brains and in priorities. The latter is the most difficult to digest as it’s not based on DNA lottery or geography but rather most often on ignorance.

Case in point: I have made my feelings on the Michael Vick situation quite clear in two previous posts. In them, I was fuming over the attention that had been given to dogs to the detriment of battered women. Another blatant disgusting example of this inequality in sympathy is the recent mission of the National Geographic Channel to rescue Michael Vick’s old dogs. The Network has rescued the dogs from the Athlete’s mansion (and dog fighting lab). National Geographic has not only recuperated the dogs – which is fine – it has also put the dogs in rehab and therapy. At the same time, in the same country, brave soldiers coming back wounded from Iraq and the Gulf are denied adequate compensation and treatment and are left to their own devices, having to deal with all the post-traumatic symptoms known to Mankind.

We should be more outraged at the nonchalance that is being showed to brave soldiers than at some ill-guided Athlete who pitted pittbulls against each other. Seriously.

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