Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catwalking All The Way To The Bank.

Here we go. First there was the article in Fortune magazine last year. This week, it’s the front page of Entertainment Weekly and the matching media tour, starting with the Today Show. Tyra Banks is out and about and, to my complete disbelief, has risen from likable supermodel to mogul-to-be? Yes, almost a mogul. Her Bankable Productions company has, thanks to the Next Top Model franchise, made her a millionaire many many many times over. But take note: a mogul is made through smart and lucrative initiatives. It is in NO way indicative of talk-show hosting abilities. I applaud Tyra’s success as it stems from hard work and guts. However, I’m nauseated by the fact Tyra, her co-producers and apparently millions of viewers think the gorgeous Miss Banks is a talk show host. Well, she is … but not a very good one. Holding a wireless microphone and blue note cards is a uniform but it doesn’t guarantee you will play the role well. The reason why so many teens and young adults tune in is because they are part of an unattended to audience in daytime television. Television has taken a dangerous turn. Names over talent. That’s a risky tangent and if we continue to be blazed by it, it won’t be long before Network nightly news is delivered by Rosie O’Donnell.

She's not even close to being Oprah

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