Monday, February 18, 2008

The Confessional | Jean-Cyril Pressoir

Jean-Cyril Pressoir, Port-au-Prince | He’s the Publicist for the charter airline Caribintair. Jean-Cyril graduated from both La Sorbonne and Université de Montréal before returning to Haiti where he’s also co-authored Panorama, a comprehensive series of tourist guides on the Island and has reported for various Press agencies. Above all and beyond the regard ténébreux, he’s proven that sometimes, good guys finish first.

I know you would have preferred to do this questionnaire with Bernard Pivot. You don’t mind the downgrade? I’d rather do it with you. After all, you’re just like Bernard Pivot, only sexier.

You’ve recently had to be more crisis manager than publicist. What’s harder when shit hits the fan? Facing the media or dealing with a client that may not understand that you can’t always clean up spilled milk by simply clicking your heels? Facing the press is not that hard. Maybe it is because I’ve been on the other side. I feel like a member of that family and I have great respect for journalists in Haiti. As per my clients, they’re the best clients ever. If anything, I have to scream at them to get off the floor, let go the towel and let me clean the spilled milk alone. The hardest thing when shit hits the fan are the assholes in government who jump on the opportunity to make the fan go faster… Jete dlo, pa mouye pèsonn.

I lo-oo-ve Haiti. The Island is however in desperate need of a new PR campaign. What do you clean up first? The streets or the Palais National? It is a trick question. The obvious answer would be that you have to clean the Palais National first, or else you will never be able to get anything done. Where do you think the mess comes from? But I say clean up the streets and dump all the trash in the Palace. Whoever is in it at that time becomes a hero who sacrificed himself/herself for the greater good and gets a statue.

When you say “Jamaica”, most people think Bob Marley. Who should people think of when one says “Haiti”? Anyone but “Papa Doc” and Aristide will do. Haiti has been associated with selfish rulers and political chaos for too long. Why not Wyclef? Oh no, wait… Doesn’t he plan on running for President too?

What turns you off?
When Real Madrid loses.

What has pleasantly surprised you in the past two weeks? Paris-Saint-Germain managed to win two games in a row for the first time in the season.

What has to stop? People speaking the same language and not understanding each other.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? That all of the fun stuff that is forbidden on Earth is allowed in Heaven.

You are in front of 90 000 screaming & adoring fans at Wembley Stadium. What song are you belting out? Anything by Coupé Cloué or by Orchestre Tropicana. And I’m not just adding that last one to flatter your “origines capoises”. But the truth is I believe Wembley should be left for footballers and the final of the FA Cup. So if I could choose, I’d rather switch the venue for a wobbly plywood stage in a dirt yard fenced with palm tree leaves in Labadie during the celebrations of Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel, when people are renting a table and two chairs only to neglect them and go sweat their sensuality away on a couple of imaginary floor tiles… And while we’re at it, I really don’t need to sing, I’d rather sweat my sensuality away on the imaginary floor tiles and let Tropic do their thing. In life, you need musicians and you need dancers. Dancers wanted. Now you could retort (as someone once did to me) that we Haitians don’t dance, that we just “rub”. But lets not go there – not that there’s anything wrong with rubbing!

On a deserted island, what do you bring besides your I-Phone & your Amex? Rhum Barbancourt, 4 years old (that’s the 3 stars). Lots of it. If I am allowed one substitution, I’d like to trade the Amex for a machete. Just try to cut open a coconut with a credit card… And one can’t only drink rum.

I had an instant crush on you when we met years ago and I didn’t know what to do about it. What should women know when trying to get a man’s attention? Be charming, sexy and flirt with style -- and you could teach all these things.

When will I see you next? You know where to find me.


A fan said...

I love the song of the week. Is that Robyn the teenage pop singer?

Martine | Le Groupe Milagro said...

Yes! Not so teenage anymore. The song is on heavy rotation on my I-Pod. There's also a 7-minute house music remix. If you Youtube it, there a live version from a small club in L.A.

Anonymous said...

ok i have to say this, Monsieur Pressoir is sooo sexy and it's not just his looks. his words, his style of writing, his thought process. without having met him, i already know i could listen to him talk for hours on end over a bottle of Shiraz. ooohh.

his wife, girlfriend, or somebody is one lucky gal!!!!

Thank you Blog-a-nista for this one.