Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It Was A Creed, Written Into The Founding Documents, That Declared The Destiny Of A Nation.

It’s Tuesday and apparently, it will be Super. Today, 22 states will create trends and possibly forecast the Presidential outcome. My previous oscillation between Clinton and Obama has dissipated. I’m hypnotized by three words that also happen to be a good mantra to adopt: Yes, We Can. And even if your vote – imaginary or real - is for Senator Clinton, you must recognize that the Change ideology suggested by Barack Obama is urgent & necessary. It goes far beyond political allegiances and race. It transcends the United States and speaks to all ailments, all malaises, all injustices and all silences that have plagued all countries.

I posted this video last Saturday and I’m doing so again today because its message will never get old and needs to be heard over, and over, and over again.

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raquel said...

i absolutely support barack obama (despite my age 14)he will bring the fresh air our nation needs;provide hope for students and regular folks nly three words are needed to decribe this dream.
Yes We can
u can email at soccergalpink2@yaho for response