Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tragic Coverage

For so many years, for my generation and the one before, Rolling Stones Magazine was a reference. Showcasing worthy music, analyzing the business of music and forecasting its trends. With its latest cover, the Magazine has fallen victim to sensationalism, regardless of how in-depth the inside story is. Britney Spears is an American Tragedy? Hardly. JFK’s assassination, Katrina, September 11th: those are American Tragedies.

Britney is an overextended person who has been working non-stop for over 15-years, mother of two young children – possibly suffering from post-partum depression and who is unfortunately surrounded by bad advice and piranhas. Chronicling every step of her fall is neither constructive, progressive nor helpful. I urge Rolling Stones’ editorial staff to return to journalism and to leave the sensationalism to the Mary Harts of Entertainment media.

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