Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bring Frenchie Back? Oui, Oui.

A few seasons ago, Frenchie Davis exploded onto the American Idol Stage. She was divaesque, unique and un-cookie-cutter-like. As Frenchie escaladed the A.I. ranks, making the cut week after week, pictures of her posing in lingerie surfaced on the Internet. Without missing a beat, Idol producers sent her home packing, without trial nor jury. Since then, every season of the addictive talent competition has produced little black sheeps. DUIs, battery, assault. Name it and they’ve been arrested for it – and kept on the show. This season’s “Fredo” is David Hernandez whose past as an exotic dancer in a strip club was documented with online photos. The fact David and other contestants overcame past blemishes and errors in judgement, only to shine (albeit momentarily) on National Television is on many levels, admirable. The show is not about perfection nor role modeling, it’s about entertainment marketability.

Frenchie’s unceremonious exit was bias, unfair and borderline grotesque. American Idol, a show which last year whored itself in Africa for ratings and for some peace of mind, is in no position to pass such judgement on a contestant over lingerie pictures. A note to the overzealous producers: either bring her back or apologize publicly.

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