Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Confessional | Marie-Anne

Marie-Anne, Montréal via Johannesburg | She’s a model who at first glance, could fool you into thinking she’s nothing but legs. But this accomplished scholar is more than just a very pretty face and these days, has taken her beauty to the runways of South Africa. From the other side of the world, this proof of perfect genetic mutation agreed to enter The Confessional.

You are currently in Johannesburg on assignment. Are you answering this Questionnaire surrounded by make-up artists, fabulous clothes, loud music and a bitchy photographer? Not at all! I’m in a loud and a bit dirty internet cafe in downtown joburg...far from the glitz and the glam with two 15-year old boys starring at me and trying to get my phone number!

It has to be said that you are of an extreme beauty. Does having men swoon all over you ever get old? Yes it does...I don’t really pay attention anymore to men coming to me and say "Hello ! You are beautiful..." Dude do you have something else as a pick up line. Something more original?

Every woman has one thing they would like to change (or rather upgrade) on their body. Do you? Honestly, the older I get, the less I want to change anything on my body. I realize how lucky I am and I accept myself as I am. It's not about changing something but more about putting your best out there.

Name three of your Fashion Icons. Albert Elbaz for Lanvin, Naomi Campbell and Sean Combs. They each have a great sense of fashion.

If you could be a muse for a designer, who would it be? Albert Elbaz.

What is the biggest evil in the Fashion Industry? People's mouths!

Give us one great tip you’ve learned in the Industry. Always be positive no matter if you are booking jobs or not. Don’t take anything personal because an eye or hair color can make a client book a girl and it has nothing to do with you. Have thick skin, chin up and kick ass!

You are of Senegalese origin and have modeled in various parts of the world. Would you say there are still race-related stereotypes in the world of Fashion? It’s rarely said but there are race-related stereotypes. Black, Asian and Indian models are less in demand than White models. It’s demand & supply, I suppose. Amongst the top models, you can count the number of Blacks on the fingers of one hand. It can be quite difficult since large campaigns most often go for White models to represent their clientele. But as economic buying-power trends change, it is to be expected that those same campaigns will soon be targeted at a more ethnically diverse population and logically, the models will reflect that.

What entity or person is most in need of a new PR campaign? Not Britney Spears for sure....I don’t really know...lol :)

What turns you off? People with big heads who think they have it all and they are the best of the best ! I just want to punch them! One of the best qualities a person can have is humility.

What has pleasantly surprised you in the past two weeks? More than in the past 2 weeks...It's how people around me encourage me and show me their love. It's when you are far that you see people that really care for you.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Ha ha ha! Miss Dia here you are. We have a lot to talk about !!! lol Joking aside, I would hope he'd just welcome me.

You are in front of 90 000 screaming & adoring fans at Wembley Stadium. What song are you belting out? You’re sure you want to know?! “Freedom Time” from Lauryn Hill...but it's not the kind of song that a lot of people will like or understand. It's kind of deep and sad.

On a deserted island, what do you bring besides your I-Phone & your Amex? FOOD and my moisturizing cream with spf 30.

When will I see you next? On the March or April issue of Clin d'oeil Magazine.

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