Monday, March 10, 2008

The Confessional | Saira Sow

Saira Sow, Paris | Besides living in one of the world’s life lines, this MTV taste-maker taps her feet to a pop cultural beat. Being one of the network’s Exec for their African division definitely is a perfect fit for this woman of the world. Answers from a Parisian Social Butterfly. Ouh là là!

You live in Paris. Are you answering this questionnaire 6 hours early or 6 hours late? 6 hours late I think.

Music is universal. If it only had one Ambassador, who would it be? Bob Marley. But an Ambassador has a team so it would be Alicia Keys, M’bilia Bel (Congolese artist), Jay-Z and….ok ok, I’m done.

How has the West’s pop cultural obsession influenced Africa? If pop culture is “mass culture” I would say that its impact was like a Tsunami….!! I mean especially in Hip Hop. African Hip hop artists should be more recognize. To name a few: Awadi, Movaizhaleine, Lexxus, 2face (Best African Act for MTV Awards in 2005) and Chameleon. They created real African Hip Hop. This is the positive side. The dark side of this influence is unfortunately the bling, naked girls in videos, alcohol, etc.

I wish books by African writers and poets were mandatory reads in schools all over the World. Name three books that should be on the curriculum. Only three? Les frasques d’Ebinto by Amadou Koné, L’Afrique Noire pré-coloniale by Cheikh Anta Diop and Johnny Chien Méchant by Emmanuel Dongala.

I think your former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and I would make a perfect couple. Who, in your eyes, is the embodiment of French seduction & charm? Ouh là là! Harry Roselmack of course and also Guillaume Canet (the French actor and director). Both of them are really talented at what they do.

I’m starting a petition to have “Quick” franchises in Canada. What does Canada have that you want in France? La poutine!!

What turns you off? The arrogance of the French government…no words! Ignorance. Hypocrisy.

What is your favourite curse word? Damn (because of Jack Bauer…sorry!).

What has to stop? 1. Treating African people with disdain (French president’s speech in Dakar last year!!). 2. Two-sided Economy. The APR accords, for example (Economic Partnership Accords between Europe and Africa). They are far from being equally beneficial and will without a doubt be detrimental to Africa’s Economy. 3. Star Academy…no more pleaaase!

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Don’t worry, you did your best. We’ll have a talk later but for now, there are some people you need to meet…

You are in front of 90 000 screaming & adoring fans at Wembley Stadium. What song are you belting out? I won’t, it’s too scary. They could definitely not be there for me so I would call my girl Alicia Keys to do the show and run away!! I really don’t know how to sing, so it seems like a nightmare for me!

On a deserted island, what do you bring besides your I-Phone and your Amex? Euh …books, magazines, beach clothing, two knifes, some rice and Maggi liquid seasoning. Fish, coconut…almost Paradise

What entity or person is most in need of a new PR campaign? Oops! I can’t say…I’m dealing with them!

When will I see you next? Not in Cannes unfortunately but certainly on Facebook or somewhere in Africa dealing some contracts.


Anonymous said...

De Villepin, Martine? Really? I thought Mitterand was more your style since we have confirmation that he's discreet.

Anonymous said...
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Clarisse Albrecht said...

Yeah Saïra!
You're so sweet, so humble, so REAL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Saira when you have time check this out: