Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Look, Ma! No Cords!

This year, the Easter Bunny was especially good to me. He not only brought dark Suchard chocolate but he conspired with his cousin, The Energizer Bunny to also bring me the Energi To Go portable power device for my iPod. If you’re often on the go and always rocking to your iPod when you are then, you need this. I was sceptical of the product when Energizer delivered it to my house, for a trial, as many past iPod accessories turned out to be quite un-necessary. But this little jewel is worth the hype. Compact enough to fit in any designer handbag and battery powered so there’s no need for electrical outlets. Perfect for when you’re at the Airport lounge, in the bucket seat of your private jet, the yacht or the neighbourhood coffee house which you’ve converted into your corner office.

Energize this:

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Anonymous said...

Oh oh that's what I need!! Definitely!!