Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mind Your Business.

I don’t defend Governor Spitzer but I can’t condemn him either. What is clear even though the raging moral police seems to ignore it is that a married man who used the services of a prostitute on Valentine’s Day obviously had marital problems. We know nothing of Eliot Spitzer’s personal life and we know nothing of his wife nor do we know anything of their marriage. Public appearances are on thing. What happens in the privacy of a home is another. Maybe the Governor had fetishes. Maybe he was lonely. Maybe his wife hadn’t touched him in years. Maybe, it’s none of our business. This is one of the reasons Prostitution should be legalized. It’s essential to decriminalize the fact some people sometimes need or want to have personal encounters with someone who for an instant, for a night, will make them feel good. What I do condemn however is Spitzer’ lack of tack and discretion which resulted in his wife and children’s humiliation. There is no excuse for that.

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