Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Speech

With yesterday’s speech, Senator Barack Obama re-conquered electors he already had in his pocket: educated Liberals. Despite its eloquence and its truth, the speech certainly failed to convince the average GM worker who is afraid of loosing his job to India. That worker is scared and has been left behind by too many Administrations and his fear is justified. He is the core of America, part of what have made the United States strong and will not stand for a candidate that is associated to a Pastor who damns his country.

If Barack Obama looses support because of his Pastor, at least, it would have put forward the omnipresent pink elephant in America’s living rooms. Race is an issue. There are differences between Blacks and Whites. Senator Obama has the vision to recognize it and has the fortitude to unite Americans. That, is what we need to remember.

Sidebar: There’s a reason why Senator Clinton refuses to divulge her income tax declarations. We’ll see how the average GM worker relates to her once he realizes that Senator Clinton has been making millions per annum for quite a while now.

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