Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And The Winner Is: Vanity Fair! Again.

Over the weekend, pictures of 15-year-old Miley Cyrus in a Vanity Fair spread, surfaced to stunned pop cultural followers. It isn’t the image of a bare-backed 15-year old that was shocking but rather the fact that anyone, would toy with the billion-dollar Industry both the Disney Channel and Team Miley Cyrus have created. That’s simply bad math. Miley’s lucrative TV /Film persona of Hannah Montana has produced successful TV shows, movie, concert tours, mobile wallpapers, cds, DVD and all that is profitable in this tween friendly Society. I laugh at parents’ outcry because first, if your daughter is into Hannah Montana, chances are she owns at least one piece of inappropriate clothing that you most likely bought for her. Second, if your daughter is influenced by a half-naked Miley Cyrus than face the fact that as a parent, you have failed somewhere.

I grew up loving Madonna. Still, it was clear to me at a young age that Madonna’s world was a fabricated one and my world was real. Because of strong parental guidance, I knew that running around on a stage in slutty clothes was for entertainers, not awkward-looking, braces-wearing teenage girls. I also knew better than to pose half-naked in pictures, making-out with Naomi Campbell. I knew that cone-shaped bras would not be a good look for class.

Vanity Fair is not a guide book on how to raise your children and Miley Cyrus is not your nanny. The best influence on a daughter is a mother – not the Disney Channel.


Anonymous said...

Parents have less influence on their kids than before because of all the available information on hightech gadgets that have surpassed the parents. Girls get so much info that it's difficult for them to know where to look and who to follow.

Anonymous said...

i really dont think this is right
she shouldnt have done this and people are like oh shes only a teenager she"ll learn
well i have been looking at all these pictures of her half naked and i think its just time to sayy shes not right for disney channel and shes a little bit"slutty"
shes either conceited or thinks no one will ever see these