Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bouquets & Bridesmaids.

Tis the season for I do’s and vows. I love weddings (well, most of them) and I’m delirious with excitement over the one I will attend in a few weeks. I have seen in friends and family members that have gotten married the positives of matrimonial unions: the emancipation, the complicity, the support and the Love. But like other things that are good, I don’t believe marriage is right for me. Maybe it’s the rebel in me that doesn’t believe in Institutionalized love even if I’m a fervent believer in forever and ever. Or maybe it’s because I’ve seen marriage becoming less & less sacred.

I’ve noticed in recent years how so many have made a mockery of this most sacred life event. Because too often we’re sucked into taking cues from celebrities, one cannot deny that Hollywood’s casual handling of marriage has influenced our views of it and our practices. Multiple marriages, quickie weddings and even quicker annulments, grotesquely lavish nuptials and the one that drives me over the edge: mediatised ceremonies. Homosexuals and people in countries where arranged marriages are the norm constantly fight for their rights to wed who they love. What a pity to thus see so many turn a wedding into a circus.

Ivana Trump recently married her boyfriend Rosanno. All details of the ceremony were televised on The Insider and the pictures splattered in more than one tabloid. Seeing the groom be more bouffant than husband-to-be was a display of bad taste. In this time of Olympic fever, I award the gold medal of tackiness to Ivana Trump.

Get ready to gag:

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