Tuesday, April 8, 2008


By now you’ve heard, read and seen this man who’s pregnant. At first, simply an item in less prominent news outlets, the male pregnancy made it to mainstream media such as CNN and helas, Oprah. To see this man on the Oprah stage was a disappointment and for one of the rare times in 22 years, I questioned Lady O’s judgement. In a nutshell, the pregnant man is transgender and still lives with female sexual organs thus his pregnancy is not a medical miracle. He consciously got pregnant and legally, there’s no infringement. It is however flabbergasting to see how this man had complete disregard for this child to be. No matter how you twist it, that baby will never have the peace that every child deserves. Yes, I know, he will be loved and so many children in the world are not. But, with such a scrutinized pregnancy there is no way that family will go on to be regular neighbours on the ol’ cul-de-sac.

By giving these parents-to-be a worldwide podium, Oprah hasn’t eluded a medical mystery since there is none but instead, has driven interest, voyeurism and sensationalism to a story that absolutely did not need any more bells & whistles. Oprah has declared the bidding season open on this story and every USWeekly, People, Star and other tabloids will be hustling to get exclusivity on the first baby pictures. I thought nothing could be worse and more grotesque than the Anna Nicole coverage. I was wrong.

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