Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shut Up, Already.

Many many times I’ve written of my complete disdain for Elizabeth Hasselbeck. The View co-host is vulgarly offensive with her blind neo-conservatism that is neither based on knowledge nor experience. She prays to a God named George W. Bush and like a religious fanatic, never questions his writings. But, this is a democracy and she has the right to her opinions even if they never stand on a leg and even if anyone who tunes in ABC at 11 AM is subjected to it.

Again today, Hasselbeck was expressing her contempt for Reverend Jeremiah Wright (he of the incendiary pastor in Barack Obama’s past fame). Yes, what Jeremiah Wright’s comments were difficult to hear because it reminds all of us of a time when there was no justice, no peace. Jeremiah Wright had to sit in the back of the bus. He had to use different restrooms. He has been called a nigger. He has been denied jobs, lodging and service because of his race so guess what? The huge chip on his shoulder is justified. What’s most remarkable about Reverend Wright is that despite living through the ugliness of inequality, he stills today believes in America and all the greatness it can produce.

You can’t tell someone how they should feel and you can’t strip them of their pain, especially one you can’t measure. Hasselbeck was quick to scold Jeremiah Wright. A quick read of accurate history books should jolt her right back to reality.

For the record, Senator Obama has denounced vehemently Reverend Wrights’ controversial statements.

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