Monday, April 14, 2008

Stuff (insert ethnic, religious or race epithet here) Like.

Not long ago, I was introduced to a witty blog called “Stuff White People Like” ( It’s funny, sarcastic & smart. Obviously, like all good things, it has been copied and unfortunately, not so cleverly imitated. Stuff Indian people like & Stuff Jewish Young Adults like have already hit the blogosphere and now no ethnic group, no religion, no race and no profession is safe. Including publicists.

Stuff publicists like:

  1. Answering the question “What do you do?”: The answer “I’m in PR” conjures up images of Samantha Jones and simply put, it’s just sexy.
  2. Contributing to the language: You just know a publicist popularized the term “deviated septum” to replace the harsher “nose job”. Colourful terms such as”wardrobe malfunction” don’t grow in trees. Only publicists can come up with that.
  3. Sashay-in most great parties, whether we were invited or not: There’s a code between publicists and door people – or maybe it’s because we know how to beg gracefully.
  4. Getting away with wearing sassy, yet classic clothing in the boardroom: Look, we just can;
  5. Unconventional meeting places: Taking a cue from the French, negotiating & signing an important contract in the City’s best resto with a bottle of Château Pétrus is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) especially since we probably know the Chef, the Maitre D and the waiters.
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