Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is Why Letterman Is So Much Better and Why Kimmel is Plan B.

The recent brouhaha over Jay Leno’s gaffe when he recently had actor Ryan Phillippe on "The Tonight Show" as a guest only confirms what I’ve been preaching for years: Jay Leno is not only not funny but in addition, he has no skills when it comes to interviewing. The referenced gaffe was permeated with homophobia which is really just tacky and embarrassing. But I’m not sure what’s worse: Jay Leno continuously not being funny or the fact “The Tonight Show” is the highest rated late night show on Television? I like humor as much as the next cynical girl but like everything else, humor has evolved. Jay Leno crushes progress and reverts to a time when a clown pinching his red nose while pressing a honk was considered slapstick comedy. His announced retirement couldn’t come soon enough and Conan’s witty approach will be refreshing.

Jay Leno later apologized for the gaffe.

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