Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Have The Power

If like me, you thought the “Idol Gives Back” was more an exercise in Rolodex-flexing than it was about genuine generosity, then you know that in reality, each of us can make a difference. Way before the Madonnas and Angelinas of this world made trips to Africa the Olympics of the Paparazzos, brave volunteers, teachers, thinkers, nurses and others have been trekking the world’s neediest corners to help and in the process, have been crying out for reinforcement. Governments have been mostly mute and frugal when it comes to World Aid. Don’t be fooled by the big numbers you sometimes hear. Once you insert them in relativity they are often meaningless and truth be told, one year of the cost of war in Iraq could solve many of the ailments in Africa. We are surrounded by people with solutions. It’s never too late to start listening.

A must read: “Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet”, by Jeffrey D. Sachs.

This will help cure malaria?

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