Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Imbecile. Truly.

On May 9th, an American soldier in Iraq used the Quran as target during a bullet-practice round. Although the media have reported on this incendiary act, I find it hasn’t been given enough attention. This news needs to be the headline today, tomorrow and everyday until the President of the United States apologizes for the soldier’s idiocy and until the so-said soldier is adeptly reprimanded. I remember once, during one of his very eloquent speeches, W. declared that American soldiers in Iraq were “liberators”. Really? Liberators that have no respect for Muslims? The American public needs to be pounded in the head with that story in order to a) understand part of the reasons why some Muslims have such disdain for the West and b) to know that that many of the soldiers sent to fight a war they themselves created are clueless and totally inapt to fight or care for the very people they were supposedly sent to protect. End this war already.

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