Monday, June 16, 2008

Cleavage Vs. Cleavage

Last week, Québec’s Women Council rang the alarm on the hypersexualization of girls and women by men. I wish they would shut up and concentrate on real issues like increasing the number of shelters for battered woman and on toughening laws against the cowards who beat them up.

I wonder why the Council has chosen to ignore the fact that hypersexualization is most evident in women’s magazines and that once you flip through the first pages of these magazines; you will see that the majority of their Editorial Staff are women, not men. The Fashion Industry is dominated by women, not men. Many of the Advertizing firms who put together the often unclever and unrealistic perfume ads, suntan lotion ads, makeup ads et al, are headed by women. Lastly, young girls go shopping mostly with their moms, not their fathers. The Council is barking up the wrong tree.

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Anonymous said...

Cleavage you say? Girl I am proud of my girls, and yourself, have a great sense of style, all dressed in white popping in and out of high ranked clubs, with your "girls" smiling proudly at the sky. Class, respect, true identity, authentic image, that's what we need to teach our sons & daughters. May I speak freely? Les Québecois dans les médias, sometimes are such bad imitators of the U.S. Just yesterday , on LCN, they compared the "Couillard affair" to the Paris Hilton scandal .. ouhhhhhhhh. All that to say, I agree. Parents - speak up.
A friend, remaining anonymous.