Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Case Senator Obama Reads This.

I know, he won’t. No need to send me your recommendations for medication. I’m not that delusional. But still, I can’t help but add my opinion to the already too loud chorus of suggestions for the Senator’s Vice-Presidential choice.

Facts & Suggestions:

1. It must be a woman. First, because it’s time. Second, there is a plethora of formidable women in business and in politics who would be fantastic at it;

2. She must be likable but also relatable and let’s face it, she must be as sexy as Obama. How else would we fill the fantasies of torrid affairs between the two? Also, remember that Politics are sexy. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had managed to suck all the sexiness out of Washington but like Justin Timberlake before him, Barack Obama is bringing it back;

3. She must be photogenic. We are superficial and looks matter. If they didn’t, Madeleine Albright would have been President already;

4. She must be married. First, to have an example of what being a real supportive husband is suppose to be like and second, so we can read his disgruntled biography after her mandate is over;

5. My suggestions, if Senator Obama wants to go the ‘Celebrity’ Route:

Whitney Houston: she’s battled crack & Bobby Brown. I think Hugo Chavez & Republicans would be a walk in the park for her;

Martha Stewart: She’s survived jail & public humiliation. She can make a 5-course meal out of coleslaw and lemon. She’s like Mc Gyver in preppy clothes. The White House would be just another renovation challenge for her;

Naomi Campbell: Want to eliminate the Taliban? No problem. She’ll throw her Blackberry at them, curse them out and make them cry;

Rachael Ray: She’ll annoy the enemy to death;

So many choices …

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