Friday, July 11, 2008

Nuts? Almost.

The problem about Jesse isn't that he suggested that he would cut Senator Obama’s nuts off, as it was a private comment erroneously made public. The problem is that once again, Jesse Jackson has fed his irrelevance. Barack Obama doesn’t talk down to Black people. Instead, just like Bill Cosby before him, he cautions the Community on issues that has weakened it such as absentee fathers and a higher high school drop-out rate. To blame all of the Black Community’s problems on “The White Man” and his shortcomings is hardly constructive and does little to lift it up.
More and more, Jesse Jackson is not much more than a relic of a promising past and it is clear that his shiniest moment lives in pictures where he is seen standing next to Dr. Martin Luther King. His record for the advancement of Civil Rights is dismal and he is now little more than a soundbyte.

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