Friday, August 1, 2008

How Much Longer With Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

If you’ve read this blog before than you know how much Elizabeth Hasselbeck irritates me. “The View’s” co-host is easily one of the emptiest brains on television (move over Brooke Hogan, you’ve got company).

It’s not because she’s a Republican that I dislike Hasselbeck as TV Land and other media outlets are filled with highly intelligent and formidable Republicans. I dislike Elizabeth Hasselbeck because she’s an idiot. Defending George W. Bush on every silly, mindless decision he’s ever made proves to be logically incomprehensible and unconditionally defending John McCain and his gaffes as she has, only makes her Gaffeuse-in-Chief. There is no way, no how, no matter your political allegiance, race, age or specie that anyone can honestly defend McCain’s latest campaign ad.

As the campaign moves forward, Elizabeth Hasselbeck loses more and more little credibility she has left (credibility from what, one might rightfully ask) and proves that Rosie O’Donnell should have chewed her up when she had the chance. Hungry Whoopi?

Time for Fox News to Come and Get Her:

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