Monday, August 11, 2008

Kiefer Sutherland For Vice-President.

Some media reports, fueled by actor Dennis Haysbert, have been suggesting Americans were more willing to vote for Barack Obama because of the TV hit « 24 » where Haysbert played a Black President. I purposely ignored this story when I first read it in the famed French but was forced to revisit it when Canadian media took it and actually considered it worthy.

First, Dennis Haysbert needs to relax and humbly remember that he is better known as the Allstate guy and as Whitney Houston’s lover in Waiting to Exhale than as a suave President. Taking credit for Obama’s popularity is conceded, not becoming at all and erroneous.

Second, by the time a social trend hits the airwaves; it has already been tried, tested and judged by the average Joe in real life. We’re not taking about the Gucci pouch whose mainstream popularity is solely due to Carrie Bradshaw’s character rocking one in a Sex And The City episode. We’re talking about an individual who has moved and revitalize a jaded and disappointed generation of voters and has inspired one that will vote for the first or second time. We’re talking about citizens who have been let down and behind by questionable Republican policies. As the elections are getting closer can we get over the fact that Senator Obama is Black? We know it. We see it. We get it. Now, let’s get on with business and win this thing.

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