Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Confessional | Gage

Photo by Sonia Bourdon

Gage, between Montreal & Paris | He looks like a model but it’s in music that Gage has made his name (and a cool one at that). His first album, Soul Rebel, has become an Rn’B French classic and his soon to be released sophomore album, Changer Le Monde, will undoubtedly be the soundtrack of our Autumn. The one-name wonder takes a break from screaming fans and hotel rooms for a one-on-one in The Confessional. And yes ladies: he’s a nice as he looks.

You’re currently in heavy Promotion in Europe. Between interviews, screaming fans and signing autographs, how do you have time for this Questionnaire?

In all honesty, I don’t but you left a good impression on me.

Name three one-name Artists you dig.

Stevie, Prince, Marvin.

I caught one of your shows once and heard you sing a knee-shaking version of “Lady in my Life”. What is your perception of Michael Jackson’s downfall?

“Lady in my Life”…I love that Song! I think Michael Jackson’s downfall is unfortunate. Michael was such an important symbol to me as a child in terms of what I could become, being a fatherless boy. like many kids at my school and around the world, I wanted to be him. He was a role model, The pefect Artist (Who’s bad ? Lol!) influencing me in so many ways. (Yes even the glove.lol!) Then came the day when This young, Black and gifted superstar, Moonwalked into everybody's TV, including mine. WOW! Magic! Michael Jackson’s videos were out of this world: mini movies that made you want to see them over and over again (like Remember the time). So much hype, so many people after you it must be hard. I think fame is hard. Fame is a challenge! Being able to control this much power is a tricky art. He still is # 1 in my book.

Name something you wish they would teach at “ Rock Star University”?

Basic money management which is the downfall of too many artists.

There are lines from songs that stay with you forever, like Prince’s:” If one day God struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see”. Name a lyric that has shaken you to your core.

I Love that song “Adore”!

As for my favorite, I would have to say:

On and on the rain will fall

Like tears from a star like tears from a star

On and on the rain will say

How fragile we are

How fragile we are

From “Fragile” By Sting

My favorite love song is “Roxanne” by The Police. What’s yours?

My favorite love songs are:

“Distant lover” by Marvin Gaye or

“For the love of you” by the Isley Brothers. Always puts me in the mood…

Let’s be honest, you are quite the looker. If you could model for a brand which one would it be.

I travel a lot, being on stage or acting in music videos, I get a chance to see and try different brand styles of clothing. So far, I would love to model for: True Religion, John Galiano, Dubuc, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith…I’m getting more and more into fashion.

Speaking of looks, your manager René & you are both quite charming. When on tour together, is it all Sex, Drug & Rhythm & Blues?

What happens on tour stays on tour. Lol! No drugs. (I want to do this music thing for a long time!)lol!

What is currently in heavy-rotation on your i-Pod.

My second album “Changer le Monde ” .

I’m launching it in Montreal on October 22nd after a European Tour. It’s been three years since my first album “Soulrebel”. I’m anxious as the music industry, my fans and I have changed. I don’t want to disappoint.

If you could do a duet with any Artist, living or dead, who would it be?


Complete this sentence: “Geez, enough with (fill in the blank) already”

Money issues

Name three must products in your daily beauty routine.

Blistex Lip balm for my big lips.

Clarins’ exfoliator for men &

Glysomed for my skin.

Céline has sung at the Olympics and Whitney at the Super Bowl. What would be your ultimate gig?

The Grammy Awards (oh yeahh baby!)

Growing up, we’re often subjected to our parents’ music, especially on long drives. What artists or albums introduced to you by your parents, do you still listen to today?

Earth, Wind and Fire

“Yesterday”, The Beatles &

James Taylor

When will I see you next?

Hopefully at my album launch on October 22nd where I’ll also be performing.

See you there!xoxo

From his album “Changer Le Monde”, the single “Mon frère”.

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