Monday, October 6, 2008

After The Chatter.

The much anticipated Vice-Presidential debate is now over. Pundits and Monday-morning quarterbacks have overanalyzed it to death when in fact, the Debate boils down to this:

. Governor Palin can retain information even if clearly, she doesn’t understand it;

. Governor Palin cannot, like W, pronounce the word “nuclear” and I can’t help but wonder if she can understand a word she can’t pronounce:

. Did Governor Palin actually answer any of the questions or did she simply recite what she had been forced fed in the past 2 weeks? ;

. Sarah Palin clearly overused the word “Maverick”. My take is that she did so because she knows how to pronounce it … and that’s because she’s seen the movie Top Gun over ten times.

Oh, and Joe Biden did good. Really good.

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