Monday, October 27, 2008

One Giant Step Back.

I would think, in a time of global turmoil, that CNN would embrace its original mission statement to bring hard but comprehensive news to TV viewers across the world. Helas, I am wrong, Kings-of-comedy dead wrong. As of last Saturday, comedian D.L. Hughley has his own show in primetime on CNN. Somewhere, Aaron Brown is having a heart attack.

The first problem is not really that D.L. is a comedian – Al Franken or Bill Maher, for example, could have indeed brought a fresh look at the news. The problem with D.L is that he’s ignorant or not smart enough for CNN and he’s not funny. Plus, should there really be a place for Ebonics on CNN? Television is the most effective medium. Why can’t Program Directors understand that and accept the responsibility that comes with the title? A hundred Wolf Blitzers couldn’t make-up for the D.L faux-pas. Send the sucker back on Comedy tours and bring hard news back to CNN.

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