Friday, October 31, 2008

Segregation à la Media.

I have Election-fatigue and, when I close my eyes, I see Wolf Blitzer which is a clear sign that I’ve been watching too much CNN. Still, I’ll take fatigue over apathy any day of any week. Take away his knee-shaking smile, his heart-melting charm, his intellectual prowess and Senator Obama is still the guy. The one that will turn the collective morose into change for the better now and eventually, for the best. Good deal for everyone, right? Not just for Blacks, not just for Whites, not just for Latinos, not just for Asians but for everyone. Blacks make up 13% of the population in the U.S. so to still think this Election is about color is simply bad math.

True, as a Black woman I feel a certain indescribable pride as I add Senator Obama to a distinguished list that includes my father, my grand-fathers, my brother Karl and one that soon-enough, will include my nephew Tristan and my godson Edouard. Still the euphoria of Barack Obama’s possible victory is not one that should be measured by race or religion as it would truly be a victory for all of us. This is advice to the media who had made this editorial mistake at O.J.’s 1995 trail.

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