Friday, November 28, 2008

People in Fashion are killing Fashion.

Fashion is like a heartbeat: everyone has their own and everyone needs it.
Styles and trends go but the vehicles remain the same: people in the streets, music videos, television and aaarrgh, magazines. The latter is the leading culprit in the degradation of Fashion.

Some Fashion magazines are unequivalently a plague for Fashion. Extreme photoshop, underage anorexic models wearing clothes barely fitting for their mothers and the worst these days: beauty editors recommending $200 face creams! How dare them! First, beauty editors do not make enough money to have such lavish beauty routines. Second, how insensitive can one be? In these global economic hardships, it’s journalistically unacceptable to promote $4000 handbags or Louis Vuitton dog collars. Furthermore, and as a reminder: it is this type of extravagant consumption that has driven us to insurmountable debts and for what? A reliable source at one of Canada’s true Fashion meccas (to respect anonymity we’ll call the store Smolt Frenfrew), told me that she now sees women paying for Louboutins with three separate credit cards. Newsflash ladies: the only people who are actually rocking Louboutins nowadays, get them for free because they are either on television, in movies are on stage voging in front of 60 000 screaming fans.

It’s time for Fashion Magazines to promote wallet-friendly designer jeans,
penny-pinching miracle cellulite creams and sexy head-turning heels your accountant will not faint over. Here’s my Fashion forecast for 2009: Ostentations is out.

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