Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa,

It’s been a year since our last chat. During that time, I’ve been mostly nice and in retrospect, not nearly naughty enough. Here’s my list, hoping you weren’t too crushed by Wall Street’s debacle:

What I’d like:

· Daniel Craig;

· The Stanley Cup in Montreal;

· To meet Oprah;

· That PCs come up with cool features that won’t make me regret never switching to a MAC;

· Better Hip Hop;

· Early retirement for Harper;

· Ignatieff (for now, until it’s time for Dominic Leblanc) as Prime Minister or if that fails, Queen Elisabeth.

· “Survivor: International Criminal Tribunal” for evil Dictators, including W.

· The cancellation of the Racheal Ray show (C’mon Santa. I’ve been asking for this for 3 years);

. To be a Rock Star (since I already have the tortured soul and the attitude)

· To understand why the media is still paying attention to Sarah Palin;

· To get on Jeopardy;

· More than 24-hours in a day;

· A consolidation of Entertainment news shows. We really don’t need seven;

· Caroline Kennedy in the Senate;

What I’m thankful for:

· President Obama. ‘Nuff said.

· Oh, and that OJ is finally in jail (what took you so long, Santa?);

Thanks in advance, Santa. I should also probably tell you that I’ve CC'ed God on this letter.

Happy Holidays.

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