Monday, December 8, 2008

Find Another Battle, Campbell.

Last week, CNN anchor Campbell Brown, deplore remarks made by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. In front of an open mic (Geez, will they ever learn?), Governor Rendell said the following about the next (if confirmed) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: "Janet's perfect for that job. Because for that job, you have to have no life. Janet has no family, perfect. She can devote, literally, 19-20 hours a day to it."

Clearly not the cleverest way to put it but it is indeed a fact. It’s a demanding job and as anyone in politics will attest to: work always trumps family. Is it fair? Not really but it’s a reality. Most of my female friends have children and also happen to have thriving careers. The only differences between them and superheroes are spandex catsuits and sexually ambiguous sidekicks. Being a mother is a tough job, period. And yes moms, when you apply for a job, employers look at you with a different eye: not better, not worse just different.

Similarly, single women of a certain age also get looked under a different light, when applying for a job. Ii is an impossible battle to fight because these types of perception are sowed into the fabric of our society. Thankfully, we have laws that protect us against discrimination based on our social statuses. It would also help if the media didn’t concentrate so much on celebrities and politicians’ personal lives. This is the battle you should fight, Campbell.

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