Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When The Writing is on the Wall.

A few days ago, a friend sent me a link to an article entiltled: “15 Moments That Define a Relationship”: I found the article sweet, tender and funny. Still, many really can’t relate to such an article but fret not, I’ve come to your rescue and have compiled the 10 Moments that Define a BAD Relationship:

1. The first time your boyfriend questions what you’re wearing. Unless he’s Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani or Tom Ford, it’s really unacceptable;

2. The first time you realize your boyfriend doesn’t read the paper: you tell him you’re really perturbed by what's going on in the Gaza Strip, and he asks you if that’s a new shopping mall;

3. The first time you realize that once the sun comes up and you’ve sobered up, you really have little in common and have nothing to say to him;

4. When you realize that you are part of 46% of women who would choose the Internet over sex:

5. The first time you notice that it’s 4pm and you’ve just now thought about him for the first time today;

6. The first time you realized that no, you would absolutely not take him on a deserted Island;

7. The first time you hit on his dad;

8. The first time you realize that the one thing keeping you and your boyfriend together are Breathe Right stripes;

9. The first time you realize his shoulders aren't broad enough for you to cry on;

10. The first time you finally admit to yourself that he’s ordinary and you, of course, are extraordinary.

Did I forget any? Let me know.


Someonewhoknows said...

When you replace the sexy lipgloss by regular Chap Stick.

Anonymous said...

The first time you introduce your man to girlfriends, they smile politely and go on with their conversation about the Loblaws and Marche Metro rivalry. What? No cooing and whatcardoyahdrives?? I knew then it was time to write that Dear Jonh letter...or Oh Dear Jonh I-am-bored-already letter...

Martine | Le Groupe Milagro said...

Love it! Also, if your friends still refer to him as "that guy" and you've been with him for over 6 months, ... it's time to let him go.

Anonymous said...

1) The second time he tickles your arm

2) When he orders a glass of wine instead of a bottle

3) When he says "Meet me" instead of "I'll pick you up."

Anonymous said...

When you purposely miss the bouquet-catching ritual at every wedding you attend with him.

Anonymous said...

*sighhh* I am the chick from the January 1 comment..and other comments on other subjects...God i am grateful for the anonymous option...
The first time he (gulp)starts dancing, (on the dance floor, in front of actual people) and you ask him, Baby what's wrong, are you okay?
true story...Happened last night...


Anonymous said...
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