Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Katie Couric Will Keep on Failing.

I’ve before voiced my opinion on Katie Couric. Despite my unfavourable words towards the overpaid anchorwoman, I had begun to root for her again following her Tour de force during the Sarah Palin interview. A Tour de force not because the interview was so spectacular but simply because Couric kept a straight face while conducting it.

With lacklustre ratings for her Evening News broadcast, many had questioned whether America was ready for an anchorwoman, too often confusing Couric to Joan of Arc. The reality is that Katie Couric is no Christiane Amapour, no Tom Brokaw and no Peter Jennings (I won’t put neither Brian Williams nor Charlie Gibson in that list as I have issues with both of them. Williams is fine but not great and Charlie Gibson is still in the doghouse – along with George Stephanopoulos - for that horrific moderation of the Democratic-candidates' debate).

Miss Couric keeps on sabotaging her own success by constantly reminding us that she was a better fit on the Today Show, trading recipes with Wolfgang Puck. Case in point: she will be hosting a pre-Grammy special. Going from the Gaza Strip to Lil’ Wayne, Katie? There are two media personalities that can pull that off: Barbara Walters and Oprah. Katie Couric is light-years behind both.

This woman is suppose to make me understand the bail-out & the Middle-East Crisis?

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