Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dolphin Gets High.

I like Michael Phelps. Alot. Not only because of his athletic prowess and his undeniable discipline but mostly because for the greater part of his life, he was an Underdog who - early on- wasn’t dealt the easiest cards but had the fortitude to snub the croupier and made good things happen anyway.

I think the fact he smokes marijuana is harmless if not boring. The fact he let somewhat took a picture of it is simply stupid and speaks volume of his youth and lack of experience (For example, someone like Tom Cruise knows better than to get high outside of a secure room in his house where a lens could easily ruin the image he spent so many years crafting. I’m not saying Tom Cruise does drugs: I’m saying he’s so careful that we’ll never know).

As a publicist and a sometimes camouflaged mini-Al Sharpton, the next days will be very telling on the equality of treatment in the media between Black and White athletes. So far, news of Phelps’ arrest has been more or less subdued in news outlets and has been treated more as anecdotal than anything else. There seems to be more concern on whether or not he will loose sponsors than the fact he actually committed a felony. Automatically, memories of coverage of Michael Jordan’s gambling habits rush to mind. At the time, some media outlets were relentless in demonizing the beloved uber-athlete turning gambling into the worst of vices. So like you, dear Reader, I’ll watch – and learn.

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