Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Survived the Circus. Barely.

On Friday night, I was one of the 20 000 believers who gathered at Montreal’s Bell Center to be part of Britney Spears’ Circus. I left the show early and opted for an overpriced burger instead. Once at the restaurant, I was already doodling down ideas for this post which had all the makings of a very harsh critique. Then, I took a step back, a deep breath and oh yeah, a stiff drink.

My main complaint about the show wasn’t the playback since in reality, I don’t necessarily need to hear Britney sing live (diddo for Madonna & Janet) but rather that Britney wasn’t feeling it. Since the beginning of her career Miss Spears has always been the ultimate performer. Choreography, audacity, costumes, back up dancers, glitter, smoke machines, snakes … the works! Friday night’s show was like a bad rehearsal the morning of a hangover.
Madonna, one of Miss Spears’ inspirations, would have never pulled such rubbish.

In my post-Circus disappointment, I remembered a passage from MTV’s recent documentary on Miss Spears where the network followed her for a month. In a poignant moment, she confessed how sad she was. She also let us in on the dirty secret that her life was too controlled, that every day resembled Groundhog Day. I then asked myself why a healthy multimillionaire successful twenty-something living her dream would be so sad. It’s quite simple, really:

· Everyone around Miss Spears is living off of her. That’s quite a lot of pressure;
· Her parents divorced not so long ago. It doesn’t matter how old you are: that always sucks;
· She still loves Justin. No need to say more;
· Her looser ex-boyfriend dumps her in front of the entire planet and she still hears about him and his looser ways in every tabloid printed in the United States;
· She’s had two kids back to back. Post partum is never easy;
· She’s single and is looking for love … not easy in any market

The comeback was premature, Britney. Cancel the rest of the tour, resource yourself and come back when you’ll be ready. We’ll still be here.

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