Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Confessional | Juliette Powell

Juliette Powell, New York | Sure, the name might sound familiar. To many of us who grew up on music videos in Canada, Juliette was that VJ. Long gone are the celebrity interviews with chart toppers and the gossip. Juliette is now a badass in her life’s next act as an author and as webmaster and she’s the poster girl for style meeting substance. The former model and self-proclaimed geek now enters The Confessional.

What is more invasive? Shooting a music video with not much clothes on or entering The Confessional? As long as you are comfortable with yourself, neither... You’ve already faced your own fears!

When you were a Veejay on MusiquePlus and then on MuchMusic, I pegged you as a ditz. Now, I read you diligently on Huffington Post and in ASW magazine and follow you on Twitter. You have really shut me up. Is the web your redemption? I was studying finance and international business at McGill and had already received a mechanical engineering scholarship (thanks to my calculus II teacher who recommended me to the dept.)… that’s what I was doing when I wasn’t on TV doing celebrity interviews. MusiquePlus empowered me (and paid me well) to learn everything I could about the business of broadcast and broadband. I wrote and produced my 1st show at MusiquePlus and then moved on. Ditzy is as ditzy does ;)

You’ve written the very insightful 33 million people in a Room. Are people surprised to see a former model when they are expecting a geeky author? I was a model for all of 3 months. I sucked at it because I never was comfortable with the idea of being a walking hanger. A geek is born not made ;)

Social networking consumes much of our online-surfing time. How has the web influenced Love? If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you that she had more Valentine’s messages than I did a couple years ago- She had 14 to my 0 to be exact- She was dating online; I wasn’t.

You’ve been a consultant for The Biography Channel, Women's Entertainment Television, E! Entertainment Television, Cirque du Soleil, and Bravo. What are top two rules corporations must understand about the web to insure their online success? Authenticity and transparency.

You’ve met Nelson Mandela. Give me three epithets that describe him. Courageous. Self-actualized. Empowering.

There are heated debates fueled by the Bloggers vs. Journalists duel. Where do you stand on the issue? I’m a big believer in delivering information to people where they live. Like most people, I want to get the stories that matter to me when and where I want them and whoever can deliver is ‘favored’, at least for the moment. Most of the shows that
I create and produce are for TV, internet radio and for the web.. Why limit ourselves?

Name three things you can’t get from the Web. Full kinetic experience, Silence, a 6 handed massage.

What are three songs in heavy rotation on your i-Pod? I’m responding from Helsinki and just discovered Siiri Nordin, then there’s subswara and ana sia (going to their party in NY as soon as I land).

What are some of the most fashionable tech accessories every trendy-geek should have? 3 things that don’t go out of style: an empathetic ear, a helping hand and an entrepreneurial spirit… all very fashionable both on and off the web…

I have to say it: you look even better than you did 15 years ago. Name two things that keep you so radiant? My happiness comes from aligning what I believe in with what I do. I’m also incredibly lucky to have inherited great genes: thanks mom and dad!

Besides your smartphone and your Amex, name three things you would bring on a deserted island. A satellite phone, a laptop and my very own boy Friday to bring all the food, water and other supplies (think burning man). (PS: why would I bring an Amex to a deserted island?)

When will I see you next? New show and video series. Check in at juliettepowell.com for details in the coming weeks… ~> Jx


Anonymous said...

I too use to think she was a ditz. She shut me up too. I will definately read her book as she seems to have lots to teach.

SL said...

Very insightful and surprising. Why isn't she more celebrated in Canada? Once again, Martine, you have your ear to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Montreal really has the coolest Black girls.

Anonymous said...

God, I am soo happy to have read this M! Because I am a mom, because I work my butt off, because I love my work, and yes, I am happy. Une femme d'action. Une femme de coeur.

So Juliette, please thank the people who underestimated you, as you are an inspiration, simply by doing your thing. And you are damn good at it.

Probably, I am guessing, you "played" ditz? C'est ce qu'on dit sur les gens timides parfois...

Martine, how clever are you? Always introducing great profiles.

Consider me empowered!

(yep, i am back :))