Friday, May 29, 2009

Brains & Style.

Dambisa Moyo. Perhaps the name doesn’t yet ring a bell and the face isn’t quite familiar either. Her work, however, requires your attention.

Dambisa is the author of Dead Aid, a wake-up call not only for Africa but also for the nations seeking to help it out.

I like Dambisa because she’s so smart that when she speaks, you forget how stylish she is and you ignore the fact you desperately want to know where she got her fabulous stilettos.

Dead Aid might as well be a manifesto. The message of the book has the merit to come from a messenger that not only understands Africa but is Africa. As impressive is the fact that Dambisa Moyo went to both Oxford & Havard universities, the fact she is African makes her view of the Continent and the effects of the aid it has received more on point that those of a Bono or a Bob Geldof. I applaud most aid sent to Africa and think critique from one of its own deserves attention.

Dambisa Moyo isn’t a prophet nor does she hold all the answers. Still, this is one badass we need to listen to and perhaps, learn from.

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Anonymous said...

ok who is she - and where does she get her hair done-I am going straight to Indigo's Merci ma chere..

Ciao bella!