Friday, June 26, 2009

So Cool He Only Needed One Glove.

This morning while watching the Today Show, music genius L.A. Reid delivered the wisest words: “Turn down the chatter, turn up the music”.

As a student of Michael Jackson – because if you can recite the lyrics to most of his songs, that’s what you are – I choose to remember the Greatness, not the drama.

I choose to remember that he made music videos an Art form.
I choose to remember that he was so cool, he only needed one glove.
I choose to remember that when he walked, the sidewalk lit up.
I choose to remember that in popular-music history there are two periods: before Michael and after Michael and that he has single-handedly influenced all aspects of the latter.

As a publicist, I have a love-hate relationship with the media. Unfortunately, in the case of Michael Jackson, the balance definitely tilts towards hate. When you peg someone as “Wacko”, you kill him. Slowly, but you do kill him by striping him of his dignity while humiliating him in front of his family, his children, his friends and his fans.

Has Michael Jackson made mistakes? Yes, definitely. Haven’t you? His behaviour with young boys was an error in judgement and wrong but as court papers and countless accounts have confirmed, not pedophilia. For every news article vilifying him for his behaviour with young boys, there should have been three vilifying the unfit parents who sent their children to sleep over at his house.

For every news article lapidating Michael for his extravagant spending, there should have been three stoning his bloodsucking entourage.

And yes, Michael was different and extravagant. Thank God. If I want boring and predictable, I’ll turn to my accountant.

So today, and for the rest of my life, when I’ll think of Michael Jackson, I’ll choose to remember the Greatness and not the drama.

MJ & Alfonso Ribeiro do Pepsi. So cool.


Anonymous said...

Once again, well said. It's just sad. I had forgotten that Pepsi commercial. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Once again, well said. I had forgotten that Pepsi commercial. Thank you for the memories.

In Shock. said...

It's discusting how the media insists bringing out the allegations against Michael and the tribulations of his life. Can't we put an embargo on the negative stuff long enough to enjoy the tribute?

Martine | Le Groupe Milagro said...

QuestLove of The Roots twitted something great last night. He said he doesn't remember anybody bringing up the fact Elvis started dating Pricilla when she was 14 and he was 24 when speaking of how great Elvis was. Nobody bring up the fact he was popping pills obtained illegally, either.

Since Michael's death, Maureen Orth of Vanity Fair and Jeffrey Toobin of CNN make it a point to crash the tribute party by bringing up the court fillings and the excentric behavior. The great thing about music is that it lives through the people who love it, not through those who crtiticize it.

Coca Mia said...

Thank you for That! Really sums it all up....Started a Whole new Generation......