Monday, August 17, 2009

Barks over Bras.

Shamed NFL player Michael Vick had barely enough time to ditch his prison jumpsuit that he was already granting 60 Minutes his first post-jail interview. Prepped and ready for a barrage of questions (albeit quite softball-like ones), Vick appeared somewhat remorseful and well trained by PR gurus. It’s an exercise we’re used to since we’ve seen fallen politicians, moguls and rockstars go through the same ritual.

As he was exiting prison, Michael Vick was quickly signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. So far, so good. Here is where I get a rash: I can’t even believe the fury with which people are protesting against Michael Vick’s return to the NFL. I’ve said it before on this podium and I’ll say it again: the NFL is filled with wife beaters and drunk drivers. Where are the protests against them? You think a wife beater is not as grave as a dog kennel keeper? Ask Nicole Brown’s children. A drunk driver is more acceptable than a man who allowed pitbulls fights on his farm? Ask a mother of a child killed by a drunken idiot behind the wheel. I worry about a society and a media corps who are more outraged by the treatment of animals than it is of the treatment of women.

I’m happy Vick is back in uniform. Once he starts winning again, most will change camp as it has been proven a million times before that people like champions more than they hate felons.

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