Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Beer Tasted Around The World.

I have restrained from commenting the Skip Gates affair because I find its treatment to be so démesuré. For starters, the cops did act stupidly. There. I said it. I don’t care how many “Yo Mama” jokes Skip Gates may or may not have uttered at the policeman: handcuffing him, while he’s in his own bloody house was absolutely uncalled for.

Second, anybody who thinks this whole story wasn’t race-related is clueless. There. I said it, again.

Third, the fact Skip Gates is a praised Harvard-professor is irrelevant. He could have as easily been a high-school graduate auto-mechanic and the arrest would have been just as unjust.

Forth, all these cable-news talking heads have once again proven to be impostors. The day George Stephanopoulos gets racially-profiled, then he’ll have some credibility commenting the Skip Gates affair. When Lou Dobbs gets handcuffed inside his house – just for being there – then I’ll care about his thoughts on the whole debacle.

As a publicist, I can’t say that I was impressed by the Beer Summit. The idea was good and I appreciate the President’s efforts. Still, the whole thing was set up for appearances and let’s be honest: a random garden table where are seated the most powerful man in the world, an unusually quiet Joe Biden, a pissed-off member of the Harvard intelligentsia and an overzealous cop simply looked awkward. Plus, this little get-together did very little for race-relations which was, we were told, the whole point.

Still, nice try Mr. President.

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