Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Confessional | Natalie McLennan

Natalie McLennan, Montreal | Once just a girl with dreams of bright lights big city, Natalie McLennan turned, for a moment, into the bad girl of New York. She was the highest rated & most expensive escort in the Big Apple and graced the cover of New York Magazine. She did the Tyra show, the Today show, the Larry King show, the Tout Le Monde En Parle Show and countless others. In the process, the by-now media darling exposed an industry that ultimately brought down one of its most famous client, former New York governor Elliott Spitzer. That chapter of Natalie’s life is over but, The Price , her memoir about it (The Price) has been translated in French (Le prix a payer)and hit the shelves this week. The reformed good girl enters The Confessional.

What is the difference between an escort and a woman who dates or marries a man for his money? It depends on the woman. Some woman marry men 'for money' when what they really want is security. Some women are actually only interested in money and living a certain lifestyle. Some escorts are earning a living and like what they do and don't think in terms of 'how much more can I get'... Some escorts are or become cold-hearted and think only of money. There are different types of people within every industry, in every walk of life.

In your experience, what is the common thread between all men? There isn't one. Everyone is different.

What is the one myth you wish girls were warned about at a very young age? That celebrity and fame are indicators of success and happiness. The way pop culture is going, it doesn't seem like that perception will dissolve anytime soon.

What was your “a-ha” moment? Life is a constant evolution, there are a-ha moments every day if you take the time to listen and pay attention.

Many want to change their lives and start over but few have the balls. What’s your advice? If you want to change your life you have to change your behaviour. You have to think about, even make a list, of your goals, what you are looking for, what makes you happy and then make a list of the steps to achieve those goals. Once the steps are in front of you, changing your life won't seem like such an overwhelming task. Aside from that, we are all much stronger and more powerful than we choose to acknowledge. Find your inner strength and don't let go.

You spent 26 days in jail, after being arrested for prostitution and solicitation. Besides freedom, what did you miss the most during that period? Hope.

What do women still have to learn regarding sex and regarding men? The best sex comes from love, but in addition to that, there is nothing wrong with educating yourself, learning how to become a better lover. There is a lot of instinct involved, but technique goes along way. Regarding men, I think finding one who knows what he wants and knowing what you yourself are looking for is great. Other than that...everyone likes to be admired, to be appreciated, especially men.

What do men still have to learn regarding sex and women? Nothing. Men are perfect. :)

You have a book (The Price) about your life as an escort in New York. Without a doubt, your story would make for a fantastic movie. Who should play you? And name three artists that should be on the soundtrack. For the soundtrack: Patrick Watson, City and Colour, Depeche Mode and Pink. I know that's four and I think there needs to be some Zeppelin in there too. So, that's five. As for who should play me, I really like Rachel McAdams. I feel like she knows what it's like to have a Canadian sensibility and be thrown into the US. She would be great.

Name a lesson, or a trick, that you’ve learned as an escort that still today, serves you well. I learned never to complicate things by living multiple lives. To be honest with myself and with the people I care about..

You’ve now found love. Name three things you look for in a mate. I look for the spark. I look for someone that I love spending time with, that is more fun than I ever thought possible. I look for someone who has an open heart.

Name a book that has changed you. I love books so much. I am always reading. I love Ayn Rand. Atlas Shrugged is one of my favorite books. I love Hemingway, especially The Sun Also Rises. I love James Frey. I really like Anthony Kiedis' memoir, Scar Tissue.

Name three songs that get you going, regardless. I’m more into artists and sounds than specific songs...Most Rolling Stones songs work, Madonna & Jay-Z.

When will I see you next? You will see me walking down the street, smiling.

Natalie’s book is “The Price” and is available here: Buy
it! .
It has been translated in French (Le prix à payer) which you can buy here.

The intro-photo is by Terry Hughes.

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