Monday, December 7, 2009

May He, Or She, Who Has Never Sinned Cast The First Stone At Tiger.

I thought the Tiger-chatter nonsense would be done by now. Much to my chagrin, it has instead taken lude proportions. I can’t defend Tiger but I certainly can’t condemn him either. I know of him but I don’t know him.

Furthermore, I’ve certainly never considered him a role-model simply because he’s an outstanding athlete: that would be pathetic. I don’t see him either as a superior human just because he’s worth 1 billion dollars: that would be grotesque. What I do like about Tiger is the way he’s understood the game of branding, marketing and media. He’s played it and won and for that, I think he deserves accolades.

He’s been selling us shoes, sports drinks and razor blades. Never has he tried to sell us Christian values, faithfulness, walks on the beach or marriage advice. Because of that, you need to see him for what he is: a good looking thirty-something who perhaps got married when he wasn’t ready to do so and who can’t, it seems, say no to temptation. You may not live in a glass house, but surely your house includes a glass lobby, a glass walk-in closet or at the very least, a glass boudoir. So, easy on the stone-throwing.

Tiger doesn’t owe us anything, least of which an explanation. Let Elin deal with him, he’s her problem. And to CBS’s Bob Schiffer who was quick to bark at Woods … Comparing Tiger to Arnold Palmer is like comparing apples & oranges. The game has changed Bob, and so has its players.

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