Saturday, February 6, 2010

PR & Fashion For A Purpose.

Being a publicist is great. You get instant gratification by seeing your clients’ names in the papers and their faces on television. Lasting gratification comes from the people you meet in the process and who remain in your life.

Still, in times like these, in the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake, you feel helpless and wish you had listened to your parents and had gone to med school. Nonetheless, that’s a grotesque pity party because the reality is that if you’re alive, you can help Haiti … in your own way.

I was lucky enough to be part of a determined team of Montrealers who mobilized right after the earthquake to put together a Benefit-Show called “L’Union Fait La Force” at Montreal’s Telus Theatre. It was fantastic but for me, it was only the first of many initiatives I want to be part of to help Haiti.

Cue-in my next mandate: Montrealer designer Helmer. At next month’s Montreal Fashion Week, Helmer (always a favourite & a must at the bi-annual event) will present a Charity Fashion Show. Funds will be remitted to Handicap International with plans for short, medium & long term projects which include urgent and immediate needs along with social reinsertion for handicapped artisans.

The Fashion Show will be next March 1st. I can’t wait and truth be told, it doesn’t hurt that Helmer will dress me up that day. PR for Haiti while wearing gorgeous clothes? I’m in.


Audrwey said...

Très bon mandat!
Le dernier défilé d'Helmer figure parmi ceux qui se sont démarqués de la dernière édition de la Semaine de Mode de Montréal grâce à son excellent travail et son approche de la mode.

j'ai très hâte de voir ce qu'il nous offrira en mars prochain.


Anonymous said...

Très intéressant comme blog post. Justement, en parlant d'allier l'utile à l'agréable, j'organise une soirée-braderie de la mode pour lever des fonds pour Haïti:

Si le coeur te dit, de mettre la main à la pâte. Fais-moi signe.