Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, Montréal. How I Love Thee.

Top photo is from Herby.TV

There are many ways Montréal distinguishes itself from big North American cities. First, it’s an island. Second, there is the language. Sure, many Montrealers are bilingual but en français is how it’s done here. It’s a cultural metropolis with its own definition for joie de vivre and Montréal is part of the Formula One Grand Prix circuit, joining such cities as Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul & Shanghai.

June 11th, 12th & 13th marked Grand Prix weekend in Montréal and let’s not sugarcoat it: that means parties, parties, parties. If for some that means 3 days of vacuous opulence celebrating a boring sport, to me, it means 3 days when the City puts on the glitz and celebrates a sport of precision and technique starring an international cast.

Formula One’s appeal really is that international flavour: pilots from all over the world converge on a race track where their ethnicity matters little: how refreshing in a world where geopolitical conflicts seem worse with every newspaper headline.

Everybody likes being spoiled, including yours truly and two events catered to my vice. First, as a guest of French automaker Renault the day of the race, I was treated to only ze very best of Formula One. The team’s pilot & former Montréal Grand Prix winner, Robert Kubica, showed much grace under pressure when he came to meet guests of the Renault hospitality suite, only moments before the race. And if you think F1 is only bikini-clad blond hostesses, than allow me to demystify that notion as Renault displayed only grace, good taste & decorum. I must admit, it was quite the way to loose my Formula One virginity.

The other highlight was luxurious Hôtel St-James' cockatil party, in Old-Montréal. Though it would be hard to not have a successful event at the St-James thanks to its ostentatious setting and to their impeccable staff, the event, in collaboration with Ferrari & BCBG Maz Azria, was a mix of intimate meets grandiose with DJ Jojo Flores, one of the City’s best music beat ambassadors.

Of course all this fabulousness would be incomplete without the City as accomplice and cast member. Thank you Montréal: you always spoil me.

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Thank you Martine for this great post. I've added the link to our new Facebook Page: The Friends of Hotel Le St-James.

Marie-Christine Joly
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