Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Because Often, Older Is Better.

Photo by jean-barak.fr

We are obsessed with the new. We are obsessed with the young. In music, and in almost everything else for that matter, these two epithets do not necessarily mean better. The music charts are filled with ingrate & talentless artists who want the accolades without the blood, the sweat or the tears.

I attended a hips-challenging concert by mega Zouk group Kassav’ on Sunday night: the closing event of the excellent Nuits d’Afrique Festival in Montréal. After three decades, Kassav’, who hails from both Martinique & Guadeloupe, still gives one of the best get-down-and-boogie shows out there. The audience was packed with twenty & thirty-somethings that had difficulty keeping up, yours truly included. Take note, YouTube generation, that’s how it’s done.

Kassav’ in Rotterdam, in 2008:

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