Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whatever Happened to Just Dinner And A Movie?

While devouring this weekend’s New York Times, an article on first-time dating caught my attention (read it here). It described how the ritual of the first date is now theme-inspired. Huh?! Whatever happened to dinner and a movie? Well not literally dinner and a movie but how about drinks? Or lunch? The article describes someone had suggested learning how to read Tarot cards as a first date. Oy vey.

I realize that my advice on relationships is worth as much as Enron stock but it is my belief that a first date should be kept simple. You can tell so much from just meeting for drinks or from having lunch:

• Is he cheap?
• Does he have manners?
• Is he gallant?
• Do you like the same foods?
• Does he have any social skills?
• Will he run away once he realizes you can eat as much as he does?
• Will he mind if once you walk into the bar, everyone yells out “Nooooorm!”?

So you get the drift, yes? Keep it simple, Lovebirds-to-be. Keep it simple.

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